S-Series V30.8.0.8 Official Release

S-Series VoIP PBX new firmware version is now available! Featuring expanded feature set and improved system security, the new version boasts three new features, including the robust Multicast Paging feature to deliver an easier instant audio broadcasting solution. And a bundle of added supports and optimization are also available to deliver exceptional system usability.
New Features and Optimization Highlights:
Multicast Paging 
Easily broadcast instant audio announcements to phone users who are listening to the configured multicast IP address and channel.
Dynamic Agent Monitoring
Monitor the status of dynamic agents easily and conveniently by setting a BLF Key on IP Phone. 
API Interfaces
Added supports for querying, downloading and deleting voicemail files and optimization in API reports, DTMF output and more.
Event Center
Optimized notification template and added support for 6 more events, including GSM Registration Failure and API Authentication Lockout.


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