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Cambodia ISP|Cambodia Fiber optic Internet|Cambodia Best Internet| High Speed Internet|Email & Network Protection|Cambodia Hosting|Cambodia Secure Hosting

Incoming Filter

Secure your network from spam, virus, phishing and malware attacks
Anti Spam Gates its proprietary self-learning smart technologies
to eliminate spam mail before it reaches your network.

Increased email continuity
An extra protective layer of incoming filter to your email flow
and infrastructure adds redundancy and continuity to your email
delivery process. When the destination mail server is unreachable,
Anti Spam Gates filtering systems queue inbound email.

Improve resource efficiency and save up to 80% of your current hardware resources!
With our highly efficient first-level incoming filter defence running in front of your mail infrastructure, you will no longer need to deal with vast amounts of incoming email spam.

Improve employee productivity and be in full control of your email flow
With our out of the box SaaS email filtering systems, lost time in dealing with spam is reduced to an absolute minimum, allowing all users to fully concentrate on their business tasks.

Outgoing Filter

Antispam Fates provides advanced filtering algorithms and spam pattern detection to eliminate 99.98% of all inbound,
unsolicited bulk email. Both incoming and outgoing e-mail messages are filtered and the delivery of span is prevented.
Save time, eliminate wasted disk space and protect your hosting service from junk email and email threats.

Avoid IP blacklisting
The implementation of Anti Spam Gates Outgoing Filter will help you get rid of network weaknesses and will cut the time spent with delisting to a minimum.
Improve abuse manageability
With our Outgoing Filter service you can get clear and concise reports indicating which users/ accounts require your attention, automatically locking them.
Protect your brand and infrastructure
Anti Spam Gates makes sure you are part of the email security solution rather than part of the problem, ensuring integrity and positive client reputation.
Avoid severe fines
Nation-wide legislative and control organizations are empowered to severely fine organizations for sending out unsolicited email. The Anti Spam Gates Outgoing Filter is a robust solution which will prevent your organization from possible penalties for sending out spam

Email Archiving

Back up and Easily Access Company Data
Since email is now a main means of communication, it must be protected yet be easily retrievable. Through archiving, email is never lost!
Reach Legal Compliance
Email must be legally treated the same as postal communication. Lack of email archiving can result in legal trouble, severe fines and loss of court cases, not to mention a damaged reputation.
Improve IT System Performance
Cloud-based email archiving eliminates local server storage problems and overloading local email infrastructures.
Improve IT System Performance
Individual or mass email redelivery of safely encrypted and compressed emails are only two of the features available to achieve full control over your organization’s email.